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We are once again back at the Midland Farmers Market! Please watch our Facebook for details on current varieties available

Working on adding pictures
on 8/21/2013


Under Construction:
Pictures have been add to the variety list. What pictures we have are added to varieties A-Z, hope to get the pictures taken this year done soon. The apples with pictures attached are marked with astriks.

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Eastman's Antique Apples 1058 W Midland-Gratiot County Line Rd.
Wheeler, Mi. 48662


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About us


We run an Antique Apple Orchard in the middle of Michigan. We have an amazing variety of apples, somewhere around 1500 antique or heritage apples. These are the apples that fell out of favor with the rapid industrialization of the last century, not because they lacked in flavor or character, but rather because they didn't have the necessary traits that made them viable for mass market consumption. Apples were selected for traits such as the ability to stay for long periods in cold storage, disease resistance, and being less prone to bruising so that they could be shipped long distances. Unfortunately, there is always a trade off, and taste and character was one such trade off. Here at Eastman's Antique Orchard, we believe that those traits should be the traits that are cultivated. The apples at our orchard are the apples that America was raised and built on, the apples that those who proceeded us cared for in their yard and celebrated in the Fall.

ill_1Our orchard is a family run business comprised of around 3500 trees on 14 acres. The Apples we carry originated in all areas of the world with many rare and hard to locate varieties. The orchard is a work in progress and we aim to improve it as much as possible, in order to preserve these nearly forgotten apples.


ill titleComing This Year

We have nearly completed constructing a new building in order to sell apples out of as well as ferment hard cider! This building has been hand built by us, with much help from our extended family and friends. We are also in the final phases of getting a small winemakers license. We are hoping, by years end, to have a line of hard cider that utilizes the forgotten fruits of the past. Watch this site for more information on upcoming hours for apple sales and cider tasting. ill_2

Please stay tuned and check back often as there will surely be more information forthcoming. You can E-Mail us at